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Picture of Wealth is a premium dotcom domain for sale. Law of Attraction gurus, success coaches, and wealth building experts will gain most benefit from this domain name.


Domain Info:

Welcome to Picture of Wealth website! This Premium Domain Name is for sale! Please review relevant data below and visit the link provided if you are interested in purchasing this domain. This webpage has been edited to reflect only one possible look and use of this domain name.

A Namecheap Domain Hosted privately via MochaHost subscriber. 

Key Value:

Short domain name. (easily fit onto business cards, merchandise, and letterhead)

Very targeted, closely related to popular search terms involving success, wealth, entrepreneurship, and law of attraction.

Dot Com. (highly sought after top tier domain)

Catchy, memorable, and relevant to multiple search patterns.

Has a highly sought after focus of achieving success and building wealth.

Offers experts in the Entrepreneurial fields a very targeted brand name for marketing relevant products and services (for both information and merchandise).


Spectacular Branding Opportunity with a name that mirrors the popular idiom "picture of health," which paints a positive image in the minds of those who see and hear it. Who wouldn't want to be and live the picture of wealth?

Keyword Data:

"Picture" -   Search Volume: 450000   Cost Per Click: 1.76    Competition: 0.31    Number of Results: 17270000000
"Wealth" -   Search Volume: 33100    Cost Per Click: 3.28    Competition: 0    Number of Results: 852000000

Industry Relevance:

Business and Finance

Coaching Services

Training Services

Career Growth

Membership Services

Success Training

LOA (Law of Attraction)

Mindset Transformation

Information Products

Lead Generation

Personal Development


Is This Domain For You?

Picture of Wealth as a dot com may be the perfect domain for your business, blog, coaching service, or information website. It can be branded to suit any of the industries mentioned above or a vision for personal branding. This dot com is very memorable and easy to spell, it utilizes words that are highly targeted to some of today's most relevant niches, and it can offer a viable solution for any related business name if the owner finds that other short key terms are unobtainable as a domain name. 

To see this listing and further information, please visit the link below.

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